Gym Policies & Rules


Visitor Agreement Policy

All users of the facility and spectators must have a current Visitor Agreement on file to enter any climbing or fitness area.  If the user of the facility or spectator is under 18 years of age, the Visitor Agreement must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Gym Orientation Policy

All climbers and adult chaperons must complete a Gym Orientation with a Roca staff member before being granted access to any climbing area.  This orientation is mandatory and will include an introduction to all of our climbing areas, climbing systems, facility rules and policies.  This orientation will take approximately 7 minutes and will be kept on file here at Roca for 6 months. 

Adult Supervision Policy

All youth under the age of 14, must be supervised by an adult (over age 18) at all times while in the facility.  Youth between 14 and 17 are not allowed to supervise youth under 14.  Adults should NOT supervise more than 5 youth under age 14 while in the facility at any given time.  

Please read through our rules and read through your Visitor Agreement.  If you have any questions or concerns while at Roca Climbing & Fitness, please ask our friendly staff that are always on hand to help you enjoy your experience!  

We look forward to your next visit with us!

Gym Rules

  • Everyone must have a completed Roca Visitor Agreement/waiver on file in order to go past the front desk (even if you don’t plan on climbing) and present a photo I.D. if requested.  Anyone under the age of 18 must have their Visitor Agreement/waiver signed by a legal guardian or parent.
  • Everyone must have a completed Gym Orientation on file.  Anyone under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or chaperon during the Gym Orientation and during their entire stay at the facility.
  • Everyone must check-in at the front desk before entering and using the facility.  If you fail to check-in, you may be asked to leave.
  • Abide by all warning signs posted in the facility.
  • Policies/rules may be added at any time without notice by the judgement of Roca staff.
  • Personal gear is limited to harness, shoes, belay device, chalk bag, chalk. Individual is responsible for the condition of their personal gear.  Roca staff may deem personal gear unworthy of use in the facility.
  • No belaying or tying in unless you have passed the Roca skills test conducted by Roca staff.
  • No technical instruction from non-Roca staff (including, but not limited to belaying and knot-tying).
  • Always watch where you are walking under the climbing walls and bouldering areas.  Look above for climbers at all times.
  • Never stand, sit, or lie down underneath walls where someone could fall on you.
  • Never climb above, below, or near another climber.  Be courteous and take turns.
  • Beware of any hazards or objects in your climbing area that could result in injury if fallen on or lowered down on.  Move them before you climb.
  • Only clean shoes are allowed on climbing and landing surfaces.  No bare feet.  Please wear climbing shoes, athletic shoes or sandals when walking around the facility.
  • No one under the age 14 may belay.  Parent or chaperon is responsible for properly securing child into Auto Belay and any climbing equipment.
  • No bouldering if under the age of 14 without direct parental supervision and no topping out on the boulders if under age 14.
  • No un-roped climbing higher than 15 feet. Roca recommends un-roped climbing no higher than the point when the feet of the climber reach their shoulder height when standing on the landing surface.
  • No climbing above top anchors on any climbing surface or wall.
  • No un-tying while on rappel ledge.  Climbers must be secured to an anchor at all times.
  • Competition wall requires a longer lead rope issued by a Roca staff at the front counter, do not use top ropes for the competition wall.
  • No barefoot climbing.  Clean sneakers or climbing shoes must be wore at all times.
  • Do not wear ear buds or any other personal listening devices while in the climbing area.
  • No food or drink (except water or appropriate hydration) on the padding beneath the climbing walls or bouldering area.
  • No food or drink (except water or appropriate hydration) in the yoga studio or in the fitness equipment area.
  • No one under age 16 may use the fitness equipment on the fitness deck.
  • No bare feet on the fitness deck.  Appropriate shoes (no open-toe shoes or sandals) must be worn at all times using equipment on the fitness deck.
  • Yoga studio may be used for stretching or exercise unless scheduled for a fitness or yoga class.
  • No climbing or using the fitness equipment while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • No tobacco or e-cigarette use in the facility or on the property.
  • No jumping off of any structures in the facility.
  • No running, rough-housing, or horse-play in the facility.
  • No yelling or highly distracting noises.
  • No guns or firearms in the facility or on the property.
  • If you notice any problems with any equipment in the facility, you must notify Roca staff immediately.
  • If you are unsure of the rules or policies, ask Roca staff to clarify.
  • Anyone not following the rules or acting in an unsafe manner, will be asked to leave the facility and may forfeit their admission fee.