Home School Program


2020/2021 Home School Dates and Times:

From June 1, 2021 through August 31, 2021, we do not offer a discounted rate for homeschool youth.  Stay tuned for more information about program starting next Fall, 2021.

Climbing offers a great physical and mental activity while encouraging problem solving.  Climbing also offers a great opportunity to meet new friends and to connect with other parents and children.  

When you bring your children in, we do require you to be an active adult chaperone. 

If you bring multiple children, we strongly recommend a 3:1 child/adult ratio to ensure that all climbers are following facility rules.  We encourage you and your children to attend during these dates and times to enjoy some quality time together!

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page and Your First Visit page for more information.

All climbers, visitors, chaperones, and guests must complete our Visitor Agreement prior to entering the facility.  Complete your Agreement online by clicking the Visitor Agreement tab at the top of the page.