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Meet Allison, she is Roca’s Yoga Coordinator!

Teaches: Hatha, Phoenix Yoga, Mid- Day Flow, Warm Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Yoga Nidra

200 hr, Buti yoga certified

Allison’s yoga practice began as a way to become more flexible. Almost 10 years after she began practicing, she has fallen in love with connecting breath with movement both on and off the mat. Finding her breath, her flow, has helped her to relax and release.

Through her yoga teacher training at Mayo Clinic, Allison has fallen in love with the beauty of the human body, all the things it is able to do, and to appreciate how different we all are. Her vinyasa classes are suitable for any level of yogi, and have plenty of modifications to make the pose work best for you. After all, the pose is not the goal. The pose is a tool to use to learn more about yourself, your breath, and your life.

Any questions for Allison? email her at: 


  Emily Nelson: Mid-day Flow

RYT 200, BA Communication

Emily’s teachings are focused in aligmentment based Vinyasa, inspired by both her own practice and by her teachers, Adam Husler, Serge Berliawsky, Gloria Baraquio, and beyond. She encourages a strong emphasis on connecting to the root of our being through practice of breath, mantra, movement, and mediation.

She began her journey in the practice of yoga over five years ago, when her high school ice hockey team decided to include yoga in their training. It wasn’t until her freshman year of college that she became further dedicated to the practice in regards to her own personal self growth. Ultimately, the practice of yoga became a way of life for Emily. Yoga is something that has saved her both mentally and physically, and she is passionate about sharing the practice with others.

Emily spent six months living in London and Europe. It was in London that she had the opportunity to learn from Adam Husler on numerous occasions. It was through the practices he guided that she felt inspired to pursue an alignment based Vinyasa training. In June of this past summer, Emily flew to Southern California to pursue her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in alignment based Vinyasa with Shivakali Yoga. She spent eighteen days living, learning, and training in the desert with teachers Serge Berliawsky, Gloria Baraquio, and a group of fellow yogis who became family. Emily has had the opportunity to teach regularly in Rochester, Minnesota since graduating from Shivakali in June.

‘Breath is moving. Heart is beating. And, we are so alive, full of light and life, and all the strength we need to move through whatever darkness, worry, stress, fear, beyond what we may be facing in our daily lives.’ The weight of this phrase is something Emily likes to remind her students of often. She hopes to see you in class soon x


Irene Kruger: Hot Fusion, Yoga Sculpt, Hot Balance and Flow

When first introduced to yoga, Irene didn’t enjoy it. It was “too slow,” and she “wasn’t flexible enough.” She was re-introduced during graduate work, and couldn’t believe what she had been missing. Now, one of her favorite analogies is, “Saying you’re not flexible enough for yoga is like saying you’re too dirty to take a bath; that’s why you do it!”

During her Master’s program, Irene quickly found that yoga was a beautiful compliment to her work in counseling psychology. Yoga is absolutely what kept her sane while working, schooling, and completing her internship. Initially, she fell in love with the physical practice, but she stayed for the mental clarity and emotional balance yoga provided.

In 2015, Irene completed a 200 Hour Power Yoga Teacher Training with Core Power in Downtown Minneapolis. She had intended to learn about herself as a student, but felt called to teach. After her 200 hour training, she immediately completed a 50 Hour Extensions Course. Irene found a job teaching power yoga/vinyasa with 180 Balance in Detroit Lakes, MN. It was there she was trained in the Hot Yoga Series, and she began teaching Hot and Hot Power Fusion classes, in addition to power yoga.

Her main goal as a teacher is to make each of her students feel welcomed and supported to take options that best suit their bodies in the moment; her focus is on breath and presence moment-to-moment. You’ll often hear her say, “I will always encourage breath over movement.”




Carrie Walsh-Schmidt: Hot Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Sculpt

Carrie discovered Yoga at a pivotal time in her life. After sustaining a stress fracture from running in 2009 she had to find other ways to stay active and rebalance life. She was hesitant to try yoga initially because it was out of her comfort zone. There was an instant attraction to yoga, and the urge to explore the various formats.

Yoga has brought Carrie so many wonderful things, including stronger performance with running and biking but more importantly relief from everyday life demands and stress. Friends and family have commented how yoga has made her an increasing more positive, uplifting being to be around.

Wanting to share with others her passion and love for yoga she went onto teaching training, getting certified in Yoga Sculpt and Power Yoga in 2012 through Corepower Yoga. This was a great compliment to her medical background as a nurse, already knowing keen aspects of the human anatomy and physical body. Carrie aims the intention of her classes to the deeper,  more profound understanding of one’s self through breath and movement while maintaining safety with alignment.

“I am always honored to be able to guide students, seeing transformations, hearing about life changing discoveries they have had. It is truly breath taking!”




 Christina Tillema: Sculpt Express

 I grew up in Kentucky playing soccer and racing on swim team.  Group fitness has always been a part of my life.  After years of participating in group fitness classes, a fellow instructor recruited me to teach.  I have an AFAA certification in primary group exercise and I teach group strength and HIIT classes.  I am currently training to teach cardio kickboxing classes as well.

 Strength training is vital at all ages and stages in life.  It helps with weight management, preventing injury, keeping the metabolism going strong, and fighting the muscle loss that happens as we age.  My goal is to create an energizing and fun environment to strength train and burn calories in a group setting.  HIIT is especially good for building strength and endurance, increasing cardiovascular capacity, and creating an after burn effect where you still burn extra calories after the workout is over.

 My undergraduate and graduate school background is in English Literature and American Studies, and I worked as a grant writer and a community college instructor for many years before teaching group fitness.  Combining my teaching experience with my ever-growing passion for fitness is really the perfect fit and I am so excited to share it at ROCA.






Sarinna Fisher: Hatha Flow, Vinyasa Basics

Sarinna started her yoga practice in 2011 during her first year of college in Winona, MN. A few years into practicing, she noticed that yoga became more than just the physical postures. This is where the healing and journey to the self began. After 5 years of practicing yoga and meditation, she decided to start her yoga teacher journey. In 2017 Sarinna received her 200 Hr Certificate in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

The yoga teacher training was so eye opening and inspiring that Sarinna has immersed herself in teaching and is excited to be able to share her practice with all of the Roca Yogis. Sarinna’s classes focus on alignment, strength, and intentional movement.







Bailey Zubay: Warm Yin Yoga

Bailey’s yoga journey started through meditation. Through curiosity of understanding, she looked to philosophical thinkers, spiritual teachers, and sacred texts. They led her back to herself. This opened her eyes to the present.

She realized through meditation, one can catch glimpses of enlightenment, but in order to stay there it takes practice and discipline. She then found yoga. She immediately fell in love with the philosophy.  No other explanation of the unexplainable had ever resonated so deeply. Her body immediately woke, and she had some of my first deep meditative experiences in savasana. She knew in her heart it was her path to be a student. Divine fate led me to my teacher, Tanya Boigenzahn with Devanandi yoga. The way she guided me to explore and open her body, mind, and heart inspired Bailey to share her practice with others.

“It now is a beautiful gift to be able to hold space for those in my life in and out of the studio. I am wholly grateful for the opportunity.”







Kerry Todd: Substitute

Kerry is excited to be sub teaching at Roca.  She loves sharing her love of yoga with others and feels honored to be part of people’s yoga journeys.  Her philosophy is that yoga is for everyone and she hopes students get out of yoga what they need–whether that be a great workout, more flexibility and strength, or a guide to living their lives more present and fully. 

She is known for her authenticity, friendliness, inclusive and non-judgemental style and she welcomes all ages, body types and abilities from beginners to more experienced yoga practitioners.  She hopes when students step off the mat after her class they somehow feel better—that they can more fully be themselves, and perhaps experience a greater sense of joy, balance and peace.

Kerry has been practicing yoga for more than 10 years.  She started initially by looking to add something different into her exercise routine and was hooked.  She recognized there was something different about yoga and pursued it more seriously completing her 200 hour teacher training in 2012.  She is one paper short of completing her 500 hour teacher training and considers herself to always be a student and learner of yoga and of life.  





Allison Howell: Yoga Sculpt, Yoga Sculpt 45, Warm Restorative Flow

Allison was first introduced to yoga as a teen by her mother, who sought to find more flexibility in her shoulders— and life. Allison quickly discovered that yoga helped her release some of her (boundless) energy, but also find a needed calm to have throughout her days. She quickly fell in love with Vinyasa style yoga with its ability to tie music to motion, creating something truly special in a flow sequence that she now wants to bring to others. 

Allison 100% credits yoga in helping her love herself more, and better— inside and out. A love for self, the body, and life is something that she tries to weave into every class! 

Allison has completed her 200-hour yoga training in Prana Vinyasa through Shiva Rea’s school of Samudra Global School of Living, in addition to a 200-hour training in Vinyasa at Yoga Center of Minneapolis (YCM). She is certified to teach kids yoga.




Ann Flott: Substitute

Ann became a certified yoga instructor in 2009 and has been teaching locally around Rochester since 2010.  She very much enjoys sharing her passion for yoga in a safe and nurturing environment encouraging students to be present, curious, and open as they explore limitless possibilities on the mat.  She gently guides students toward broadening self awareness in a well-balanced practice emphasizing breath and alignment.  Her desire is that students come to know their innate magnificence and experience a life filled with joy, peace, and ease.






Levi Hartman: Yang Yin, Core Awakening Yoga

200 HR certified, B.S. Clinical Laboratory Sciences


Levi was first introduced to yoga while exploring ways to build core and back strength to combat debilitating back pain. Like most young males his age at the time, he thought, “Yoga isn’t for me. I can’t go to a yoga class!” Now 10+ years later he attributes much of his health and mental stability to the fateful decision to “just give yoga a try” anyways.

Levi’s bookish and nerdy hobbies mixed with his professional background in the sciences have caused many people to describe his classes as “delightfully earthy”. While this description brings joy to his heart, his main goal is simply to offer a chance for students to explore what makes them human by uniting mind and body as one.

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