Yoga & Fitness Instructors




Allison Roe

Roca Yoga and Fitness Coordinator

Phoenix Yoga Program Coordinator

Allison’s yoga practice began as a way to become more flexible. Almost 10 years after she began practicing, she has fallen in love with connecting breath with movement both on and off the mat. Finding her breath, her flow, has helped her to relax and release.  Through her yoga teacher training at Mayo Clinic, Allison has fallen in love with the beauty of the human body, all the things it is able to do, and to appreciate how different we all are. Her Vinyasa classes are suitable for any level of yogi, and have plenty of modifications to make the pose work best for you. After all, the pose is not the goal. The pose is a tool to use to learn more about yourself, your breath, and your life. Allison teaches yoga and fitness classes.

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Irene Kruger

During her Master’s program, Irene quickly found that yoga was a beautiful complement to her work in counseling psychology. Yoga kept her sane while working, schooling, and completing her internship. Initially, she fell in love with the physical practice, but she stayed for the mental clarity and emotional balance yoga provided. Her main goal as a teacher is to make each of her students feel welcomed and supported to take options that best suit their bodies in the moment; her focus is on breath and presence moment-to-moment. You’ll often hear her say, “I will always encourage breath over movement.”


Carrie Walsh-Schmidt

Carrie discovered yoga at a pivotal time in her life. After sustaining a stress fracture from running in 2009 she had to find other ways to stay active and re-balance life. There was an instant attraction to yoga, and the urge to explore the various formats. Yoga has brought Carrie so many wonderful things, including stronger performance with running and biking but more importantly relief from everyday life demands and stress. Friends and family have commented how yoga has made her an increasing more positive, uplifting being to be around.


Sarinna Fisher


Sarinna started her yoga practice in 2011 during her first year of college. A few years into practicing, she noticed that yoga became more than just the physical postures. This is where the healing and journey to the self began. The road to becoming a teacher was so eye opening and healing that Sarinna has immersed herself in hopes to share that healing with others through her teaching. Sarinna loves being able to share her teaching style with all of the Roca yogis.


Kerry Todd


Kerry loves sharing her love of yoga with others and feels honored to be part of people’s yoga journeys. Her philosophy is that yoga is for everyone and she hopes students get out of yoga what they need–whether that be a great workout, more flexibility and strength, or a guide to living their lives more present and fully. She is known for her authenticity, friendliness, inclusive and non-judgmental style and she welcomes all ages, body types and abilities from beginners to more experienced yoga practitioners. Kerry completed her 500 hour teacher training in 2018.  She considers herself always to be a student and learner of yoga and of life.


Ann Flott


Ann became a certified yoga instructor in 2009 and has been teaching locally around Rochester since 2010. She very much enjoys sharing her passion for yoga in a safe and nurturing environment encouraging students to be present, curious, and open as they explore limitless possibilities on the mat. She gently guides students toward broadening self awareness in a well-balanced practice emphasizing breath and alignment.



Hiro Sekiguchi


Hiro was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. She completed her teacher training in 2009, and has since completed many trainings, including Mind Body Stress Reduction, Stress Management and Resiliency training, and adaptive yoga training. Her teaching is focused on mindfulness, meditation, and alignment. Her passion is to share self-awareness and to reduce stress through a yoga and meditation practice.



Levi Hartman


Levi was first introduced to yoga while exploring ways to build core and back strength to combat debilitating back pain. Like most young males his age at the time, he thought, “Yoga isn’t for me. I can’t go to a yoga class!” Now 10+ years later he attributes much of his health and mental stability to the fateful decision to “just give yoga a try” anyways.



Allie Canoy Illies


Allie was first introduced to yoga as a tool for cross-training as a high school (and later, college) track and field athlete. The physical benefits of yoga was apparent, but it wasn’t until a few years later that she was introduced to the full benefits of the mind/body connection. Allie entered her 200 hour teacher training as a way to deepen her own practice and self-discovery, but felt the pull to teach and share with others. She is currently completing her 500 hour certification and knows she will forever be learning and sharing. Allie teaches both yoga and fitness at Roca.



Dana Olofson


Dana’s first yoga class was when she was 13 (she giggled the entire way through), but since then, she’s come to take her practice a bit more seriously. Several years of regular practice led her to pursue her teacher training. She is grateful for the opportunity to share her love of movement and mindfulness with the students at Roca, while also leaving room for laughter and fun.


Vannavanessa (Vanna) Passe


After the birth of her second child, Vanna was encouraged to practice yoga to alleviate pain in her upper back and hips. What started out as a physical journey lead to the discovery of the Self. The physical postures helped to tone she muscles and gain flexibility and strength. Yoga and meditation revealed the importance of connecting with herself, not just a mother or as a partner. She encourages students to move with intention and breath with a conscious awareness in yoga and in ordinary life. Embrace all the things that make us human.


Amanda Marjorie


Amanda is a 200hr E-RYT, and has been teaching yoga since 2015. She sees herself as a guide for her students, a catalyst for change as a means to find growth in themselves, encouraging them to trust their bodies, and embrace the evolution of their practice. Through her instruction, she aims to unify the mind, body and breath with asana, meditation, and pranayama while bringing people together on their mats to build community—promoting collective action and positive change. Her sequences are dynamic, strong, and anatomically intelligent, devoted to honoring the diversity in skeletal and functional anatomy.