Youth Climb Teams

Youth Climb Teams

Roca offers 3 distinct Youth Climb Teams throughout the year!  Whether your child has a passion or interest in becoming a better climber, is looking for a great place to hang out with other youth to experience the benefits of indoor climbing, or wanting to start in climbing competitions…our climb teams may be a great place to join! 

Requirements: Youth Climbers must be between 8 and 18 years old to join our youth climb teams.  Enrollment for all teams must be at the first of the month.  We do not allow youth to join a team mid-month.  If your child is under 8, we recommend our Beginners or Intermediate Climbing classes or a Parent/Child Adventure class.  

Team benefits: All youth on Climb Team have a membership to Roca during their time on Team.  That means your child can come climb any time in addition to their team practice day(s)!  Roca Members also get a free guest pass each month to bring a friend or family member and great discounts on climbing gear. 

Included in the cost: All youth will be eligible for free rental climbing gear while on team (if needed), discounts on Pro-shop gear to buy their own climbing gear, special climbing shoe discounts through our team sponsor, Scarpa, and a Climb Team specific t-shirt.  Read below for a description of each team.  Call us (507-218-1500) or email to check for openings on team and reserve your child’s spot!

COVID-19 Updates (June, 2021)

Please see our main page for COVID-19 related health and safety precautions that we are taking at Roca.  All climbers, visitors and guests that are UNVACCINATED must wear a face mask in the facility.  Roca will require all youth in our programming regardless of vaccination status to wear a mask during practice.  Our coaches will wear masks, help encourage social distancing for our climb team youth, and encourage proper hand washing and hand sanitizing.  Please keep sick kids at home and call us immediately if your child has COVID-19 or been around others with the virus. 

More Information about Youth Climb Team

Team Benefits: Your child receives full membership to the gym with all member benefits and free rental climbing gear while enrolled in Team as well as a free Team t-shirt.  Scarpa (climbing shoe company) sponsors our Climb Teams, so your child will be eligible to get a 40% discount (+$5 shipping charge) on any shoe purchases.  Your child will also be eligible for Member discounts (15% Off Pro-shop).  We will host up to 3 mini-competitions for our youth team climbers to participate in at our gym.  Youth Climb Team gear (hoodies) are available through Special Order Forms.  

Holiday Practice Policy: On certain Holidays and no school days; Roca may be closed and/or cancel practice throughout the year.  Holidays that Roca is closed include; Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

For MEA, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break (check with your coach on the specific days, as they change from year to year).

Winter Weather Policy: When Rochester Public Schools cancel after school activities, Roca will also cancel our team practices.  Your child has a full membership to the facility, so while we hate to miss a practice, coaches encourage all team members to come to the gym and practice on their own (with a parent chaperone) that week as often as possible.  We don’t have any make-ups available due to our teams being full on other days.  If there is a pattern where an entire team is losing multiple practice days within a given month due to winter weather, Roca will host a make-up practice for that team.  Thank you for understanding!

Missed Practice Policy: If your climber misses a practice, we do not have any make-ups times available due to our other teams being full.  As coaches we do not like seeing kids missing practices, so we encourage the climber to come in on their own time to make up for their lost practice time.  To aid with this, the coaches have put together some practice material that can be found on the climb team information wall in the facility. 

Cancelling Team Membership/Enrollment:  You will be billed monthly while you’re on team, please let us know before the end of the month if your child will not be staying on team the following month.  Billing for team/membership is on the 1st of the month.  You can fill out the Member Change Request form or notify us of the cancellation on the iPad kiosks in the gym.