Frequently Asked Questions


Are you new to climbing or is this your first visit to Roca?  Find out some more information about climbing, our facility, and what to expect on your first visit to Roca Climbing & Fitness.

Do I need a membership to climb?
  • No, Roca is open to the public 7 days a week.  You can stop in to climb, workout or take a yoga class by purchasing a day/class pass (your day pass is good all day, so you can leave and come back in the same day), buying a punch card, or purchasing a membership.  Check out our membership and rates page to see your options!

 Does everyone need to sign a Visitor Agreement/waiver?
  • Yes, all participants, adult chaperones, and spectators need a signed Visitor Agreement to go beyond the front desk and enter into the climbing and fitness areas.  Climbers under the age of 18 must have their Visitor Agreement/waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. Sign your Visitor Agreement online today so you are ready to climb once you arrive!

Is climbing a safe activity?
  • Climbing is inherently dangerous.  This means it is not possible to eliminate all risks associated with climbing.  However, Roca staff works hard to minimize those risks.  Safety is our top priority!

 Is climbing a good activity for my family or children?
  • Yes!  We have many families with children who enjoy their time at Roca.  We have found that most children around age 5 or older, are at a great age to start climbing.  Any youth (younger than 14) must be actively supervised by the adult chaperone who is responsible for them during their visit to the gym.  Direct supervision is required for youth during the entirely of their visit.  We strongly recommend a 5:1 youth-to-adult ratio so that active supervision can be followed at all times. Youth between ages of 14 and 17 are able to be in the gym on their own, but are not allowed to supervise other youth under the age of 14.  An adult chaperone must be present and actively watching all youth under 14. 

What is belaying?
  • Belaying is a term climbers use to describe the act of holding a climber’s rope to protect them if they should fall.  It also helps lower the climber to the ground once they reach the top of their climb.  Consider taking our Learn the Ropes class to learn how to belay!

 What’s an Auto Belay?
  • An Auto Belay is a mechanical device that provides a belay to the climber who doesn’t have a partner.  Check out this video to learn more about Auto Belays: True Blue Auto Belays 

How can I learn to belay in the gym?
  • Many of our climbers take our Learn the Ropes class offered at Roca.  This is a 2 hour class that teaches you the basics of indoor rock climbing.  It covers knot tying, belaying, safety check systems, commands, and technique. Reservations are recommended for the class.  Any climber who would like to belay in our gym, needs to pass a belay skills test administered by one of our staff.  Only Roca staff can teach you how to belay in our gym (we don’t allow non-staff to teach belay skills).

 I have never climbed before, do I need to take a class first?
  • No, we have 28 Auto Belays that makes it easy to walk in, without any previous experience, and get climbing.  Our friendly staff will give you a quick gym orientation and show you how to work the Auto Belay equipment.  Then you are free to climb as much as you’d like!  We encourage you to take our Learn the Ropes class that will give you the skills to climb all top rope routes as well.